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2019-01-14 19:16:30KC7AADCharlie Mike 5 on DMR!! :>
2019-01-13 17:00:34NO7RFNot so new now...
2019-01-01 00:18:49NO7RFNow it is a new year...happy is yet to be determined...
2018-12-31 19:07:27KC7AADHappy New Years!! 2019, here we come!
2018-12-27 22:23:51kc7aadTest Message
2018-12-23 22:00:50kc7aadOK.. Added Date / Time to the fields..
2018-12-23 18:24:26n9vwn9vw checking in on chat...
2018-12-23 13:51:49KC7AADThis is a demonstration system. Message may be removed at any time by a HamWAN Administrator.
2018-12-23 20:00:00HamWANWelcome to Spokane HamWAN Chat!
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